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It’s going to be a long night for us – only a few more hours to go until the next generation Honda Civic is unveiled at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

The model that will be unveiled at Detroit will be based on the sketch you see above, which was first teased in December last year.

8th Generation Civic – Malaysia

What we’re not sure of right now is whether the Detroit car will be the car that we’ll get here in Malaysia. After all, the US Civic and the Asian Civic have looked a little difference for the past few generations now, even though they share the same platform and a very similiar interior design. In addition, the US Civic has a Coupe body.

The Euro Civic is a completely different animal altogether – a smaller vehicle sitting on a different platform. Things are different with the larger Accord though – the US and the Asian Accord are the same car, while the Japanese Accord and Euro Accord are the same.

8th Generation Civic – US look

Automakers these days often have to pick between offering a ‘global model’ in the interest of better economies of scale, or offering customised solutions tailored to the tastes of each region. Some manufacturers who have had two different models serving different regions such as the Cobalt and the Optra for GM and the Euro Focus and USDM Focus for Ford have switched to a single model – Cruze and Global Focus, while other cars like the Passat and the Mazda 6 have now ‘split’ into one car for the world and larger version for North America – the US market Mazda 6 has a longer wheelbase.

With the 9th generation Honda Civic, will there be a single Honda Civic for the world or multiple Civics like what is currently offered? If there will be multiple Civics, will the ‘distribution’ of each variant be the same? I’ve heard news in the past that the JDM Civic will switch from the current large model into a smaller car to be more competitive in its homeland, like how Toyota has the smaller Corolla in Japan compared to our larger Corolla Altis. I hope a larger Civic continues to be offered – who can argue with more metal for your money in a country that doesn’t tax you based on your dimensions?