Proton Exora FL

Reader Dzulkarnaen snapped these pix of this black Proton Exora at the Awan Besar R&R sometime in January this year. As you can see, the front bumper looks quite different from the Exora that’s currently on sale now, with what appears to be vertical oriented intake grilles – not sure what they’re used for.

And here’s an artist’s impression by Theophilus Chin, translating what we can see from the bumper in the spyshot onto a product image. This might be an indication of what the facelifted Proton Exora might look like, or perhaps a new look exclusive to the upcoming top of the line turbocharged Proton Exora CFE Turbo, or it might not even be a Proton – perhaps a Youngmanized Exora.

Look after the jump for the rest of the spyshots.

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