There’s a new Concept Cars section up on Proton’s website and there are a few more additional details as well as photos regarding the set of concept cars they unveiled at KLIMS other than what we were given in the KLIMS press kit.

If you look at one of the images in the photo gallery below, you can see that the Tuah has the word Espire written on the rear numberplate – it looks like this was the original name for the next generation Persona sized concept car before they were all renamed to the Pahlawan theme for KLIMS.

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Dimensions of the Tuah/Espire was also given as 4,540mm long, 1,775mm wide and 1,505mm tall. It has a 2,650mm wheelbase, about the same as the new 2011 Jetta. This puts its right in the middle of the C-segment range. To compare, the Waja measures 4,470mm by 1,740mm wide by 1,420mm tall with a 2,600mm wheelbase and the Persona measures 4,477mm long, 1,725mm wide and 1,438mm tall. The Espire is taller, wider, longer, and has a longer wheelbase.

Also found in the gallery (look for the blue and red cars) are some new renderings by Theophilus Chin, attempting to ‘productionize’ the Tuah/Espire, which gives us a preview of what the next generation Persona might look like in production form.

But in any case, from what we hear the next generation Persona has already gone through many stages of design refinement, and what we see as the Tuah/Espire concept represents an older version of the design.

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The Lekir page actually states that the Europa-based sports car will be powered by a “1.6CFE” engine, which is probably Proton’s new turbocharged engine. Interestingly power is rated at 164kW at 5,700rpm, which sounds nice, but kinda improbable – 164 horsepower sounds about right.

The 164kW could be a relic from the original Europa’s spec sheet – it made around that power in the Europa SE trim. A pointer to the eventual power output of the 1.6CFE engine could be what was displayed at KLIMS – a Proton 1.6 turbo engine making 103kW (140 PS) and 205Nm of torque from 2,000rpm with a 9.5:1 compression ratio.

The URLs of the different concept cars pages also reveal the ‘alternate’ names of the concept cars – the Evo-like Jebat is the Proton Fury, the Exora-derived SUV Lekiu concept is referred to as the Proton XActive, the Europa-derived Lekir Concept is called the Proton Exivo, and the Kasturi which has now become the Proton Saga FL was called the Proton Pure, probably in reference to its white exterior and interior theme.

Look after the jump for full photo galleries of all the Pahlawan concepts.

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