The Black Jetta has been spotted again, this time on the go with a white Volkswagen Polo hatchback accompanying it. These photos were snapped by reader Ian Chew in Hartamas.

Notice the “TSI” badging on the rear of the Jetta, which means this particular black Jetta has one of Volkswagen’s downsized turbocharged engines in the engine bay. The Polo Sedan that we saw previously did not have TSI badging, but instead featured the “1.6” badge.

We can take these as rough indications as to what engines these new yet to be launched Volkswagens will be available with, but we cannot be 100% sure. These may just be CBU models being tested, while we’re supposed to get CKD versions.

But in any case, all three Volkswagen sedans that are supposed to be CKD assembled in Malaysia have already been sighted being driven around on our roads with trade plates, that could be a good sign of them being available soon. If you notice, the rear window of the Jetta has the number “3” on it – this could indicate that it has been used sometime in the past for some kind of event involving a convoy – perhaps dealer/sales training or something.