The next generation 2012 Toyota Camry is set to be unveiled in fall this year, according to a teaser video by Toyota featuring the company’s president Akio Toyoda himself. The teaser video is for the US market – and it just shows how important the Camry is to Toyota when it comes to the US of A, that Mr Toyoda himself appears in the video. I suppose it is a way for him to add a personal touch.

We don’t really know if our Malaysian market Toyota Camry replacement will have anything to do with what will be unveiled in the US this fall though, as even in the current generation, the US Camry and our Camry have completely different styling. The US Camry is the “real Camry” so to speak, while our Camry’s design was derived from the Australian Toyota Aurion design.

Perhaps in this new generation, the two Camry designs might be unified?