Chevron Malaysia has given its Caltex service stations in the country an image refresh, and the first station to bear the new look, in Bandar Utama, was launched today. The revamp is part of the company’s new brand strategy called Enjoy The Journey, aimed at enhancing the Caltex experience for its customers.

The image refresh features a new design has been standardised to a simplified but more colorful and sleek look to enhance the appearance and function of the service stations. Features include forecourts that are brighter and more attractive, with canopy lights providing a safer welcome at night.

The company is set to refurbish over 60 of its existing retail stations nationwide to reflect the refreshing image by year end, with 25 service stations already completed. Currently, there are more than 420 Caltex stations in Peninsular Malaysia, which means the revamping of the rest will be completed in phases, spanning the next two to three years.

Caltex plans to build 15 to 20 new service stations each year, and it has added six new ones to its network, the latest being in Sungai Petani, with nine more to be built within the year. In 2010 it opened 18 new service stations in the country.