We’re still working on our F10 BMW M5 test drive review, but in the meanwhile let me share with you some side by side photos comparing a regular 5-Series and flagship M-tuned version that we just had the chance to sample in Sevilla and on the Ascari racetrack.

I like how the F10 looks like – it looks much better in real life compared to photos, but the M5 takes it to a whole new level. Visually, the F10 M5 looks much sleeker than the normal 5-er. Looking at the normal 5-er from the side profile, it looks kinda bulky and tall and the front doors tend to look longer than the rear doors giving it a slight unbalanced look.

The new front fender design of the M5 puts a big side grille with an integrated turn signal right smack in the area that has the most bare body surface on the regular 5-er, so this helps to visually slim the perception of height for the front end. The new side skirt design also helps with slimming the whole side profile, and the result is a really really fast 5-Series that looks lower, slimmer and somehow even longer than the normal 5-Series!

Other than the new front and rear bumpers, the BMW M5 also gets its own front grille design – chrome outlines with full gloss black slats. The normal 5-Series uses a grille with chrome outlines and slats with chrome at the front and black on the sides, while the 550i gets a grille with chrome outlines and slats with chrome at the front and matte silver on the sides. There’s also an optional BMW Performance full gloss black grille for the F10.

Stay tuned for our test drive review.