This is one of Toyota’s latest concept cars. Called the Fun-Vii, it is currently being presented at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and according to Toyota, the three-seater Fun-Vii “heralds a not-too-distant future where people, cars and society are linked”.

The interesting thing about this concept is the fact that you can alter the content that is displayed on both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. You can practically change the body colour of the vehicle and display messages on it!

The interior “mood” can be altered and it comes with features such as a navigation system that is displayed via augmented reality. Also in the list is a remote function, which allows most of the concept’s functions to be controlled remotely via a smart phone.

Other features include a network update system to ensure the latest software update is in place, the ability to connect with friends who are nearby and it can also detect other potentially hazardous vehicles such as vehicles in blind spots in advance. No information on the powertrain just yet, but it is likely electric-powered.