Well, it’s definitely turning out to be an eventful week, this, with the next new card to be opened being the Chevrolet Colorado.

Seems the pickup truck has arrived in town, fresh off the boat, quite literally. Reader Firdaus spotted a number of them being driven off a vessel towards a parking pen at Westport this morning, and duly took some photos of the process. Thanks, Firdaus! :)

The Chevrolet Colorado double cab pick-up truck, which was launched in Thailand in October last year, was supposed to have made its debut here in December 2011, but the flooding that hit the Kingdom up north pretty much put paid to Naza Quest’s plans for a 2011 introduction. Guess the wait for it to arrive is over, by the looks of it.

The Thai-made vehicle will be sold here in double cab form, with two trim levels, LT and the higher-spec LTZ, being offered. Two Duramax diesel mills will be available, the 2.8 litre with VGT offering 180 hp and 470 Nm and the 150 hp and 350 Nm 2.5 litre, with both auto and manual transmission options on call. We’ve already test driven the truck – read Danny’s musings on it, if you haven’t already.