It looks like Mazda has been conservative with its expectations of the CX-5. Since it’s launch in Japan earlier in the year, Mazda has already received approximately 8,000 bookings for the SUV – eight times more than the monthly sales target of 1,000 units.

Another surprise came from the number of orders for the petrol engine, which made 27% of the total orders. The rest of the 73% is made up of orders for the diesel engine, which Mazda says delivers performance equivalent to that of a 4.0 litre V8 petrol unit.

The mind-boggling thing about the entire affair is that these booking came even before the start of the customer test drive program, which begins in dealerships across Japan on March 31.

It is still unclear when the SUV is arriving in Malaysia in spite of strong presence of the ads on Naturally, the sooner it arrives, the better it will be.