funtasticko has uploaded a scanned copy of what seems to be the P3-21A’s spec sheets. It’s too bad the spec sheet seems conveniently cropped at the top where I suspect the P3-21A’s name would be written, otherwise we’d know by now what the new sedan is called and wouldn’t have to keep referring to it by its codename.

Based on the price range revealed by Proton managing director Datuk Sri Syed Zainal earlier this week at the Proton Power of 1 event, it appears the P3-21A is actually a Waja replacement instead of a Persona replacement.

The Waja H-Line is currently priced about RM62k for the H-Line manual, which is the lowest indicative price mentioned by Syed Zainal. In the leaked spec sheet above, this reflects directly with the P3-21A Executive 5 M/T model. The Waja H-Line auto is priced at about RM64k, so we expect a similiar price gap for the P3-21A Executive CVT model over the most affordable model. The Executive model is powered by a normally- aspirated Campro IAFM+ engine, making 107 hp and 150 Nm of torque.

The higher end of the indicative price band is RM75k, which in the leaked spec sheets indicates the Premium CVT model. This model adds all sorts of goodies such as the more powerful 1.6 litre Campro CFE engine, which is turbocharged to make 138 hp and 205 Nm of torque from as low as 2,000 rpm to 4,000 rpm. The CVT gearbox is also a different model – the seven-speed VT3 with a ProTronic paddle shifter function, while the Executive CVT does with a VT2 six-speed CVT with no paddle shifters.

Other spec upgrades on the Premium over the Executive include four airbags instead of two, ESC stability control, push start button, auto climate control, auto cruise, auto wipers, and window tint. All the models have minimum safety features of ABS brakes and two airbags, which is good, though I wish ESC could be standard as well. Both the Executive and Premium models get the YES 4G in-car WiFi hotspot function, and all models use fabric seats. I’m expecting an SE model with leather seats to be launched later.

Below, you’ll find a comparison between the new P3-21A dimensions as stated by the leaked spec sheet, compared to the other mid-sized sedans in Proton’s stables, the Persona and the Waja. The P3-21A’s wheelbase has grown 50 mm over the Persona and Waja’s wheelbase, to 2,650 mm.

The kerb weight I used for the table are for the most expensive variants for each car, so given the extra features and more advanced engine in the P3-21A, it’s no surprise to see a big difference in kerb weight – more than 100 kg compared to the Waja. It’s bigger than its two predecessors in every way, in terms of length, width, weight, track, and boot space.

P3-21A Waja Persona
Length 4,543mm 4,470mm 4,477mm
Width 1,785mm 1,740mm 1,725mm
Height 1,524mm 1,420mm 1,438mm
Wheelbase 2,650mm 2,600mm 2,600mm
Front Track 1,542m 1,475mm 1,475mm
Rear Track 1,542mm 1,470mm 1,470mm
Luggage 506L 408L 430L
Kerb Weight 1,340kg 1,235kg 1,245kg

What about comparing it with other C-segment sedans, including its own Mitsubishi-derived stablemate, the Proton Inspira? Have a look at the table below. Once again, I used the models with the biggest engines and specs (and thus the heaviest) as the basis of comparison.

I haven’t been able to find the boot space capacity for the Inspira anywhere online, so if anyone has any clue, please help us out in the comments. It’s not the same as the Lancer, since the boot floor is raised to fit a full-sized spare.

P3-21A Inspira Altis 2012 Civic Jetta Forte 2012 Elantra
Length 4,543 4,570 4,540 4,525 4,644 4,530 4,530
Width 1,785 1,760 1,760 1,755 1,778 1,775 1,775
Height 1,524 1,490 1,465 1,435 1,482 1,460 1,445
Wheelbase 2,650 2,635 2,600 2,670 2,651 2,650 2,700
Luggage 506 475 464 510 495 485
Weight 1,340 1,335 1,315 1,295 1,417 1,359 1,269

But of course, the entire contents of this post are based on the leaked spec sheet, which might not be 100% accurate. We’ll only know the full – and confirmed – details at launch time, which we expect to happen very soon, so stay tuned for more updates.