Ah, yes, time for a pleasant break from matters of the four-wheeled variety that’s the usual fare on these pages. This one is about a movie, and how you can get invited to it for free.

Basically, we’ve come up with a very special occasion called Driven Movie Night, with Marvel’s The Avengers as the billed feature, no less. We’ve booked a hall for a special screening on April 29, and are having giveaways across all of our sites.

Of course, we can’t invite every and each one of you to the show (we’d need just about every cineplex in town, and then, definitely not over a single viewing!) – from here, we’re giving away 20 pairs of tickets, which means 40 lucky people get to catch the latest Marvel superhero flick, courtesy of us.

There’s obviously a bit of a contest challenge involved, but nothing too hard, especially if you’re a Marvel’s The Avengers fan. There are three photo questions, in which you have to identify the blanked-out Avenger; aside from this, you’ll need to tell us who your favourite superhero of the lot is, and why. You’ll find the contest here.

The winners will be selected based on all correct guesses, complete information and best favourite Avenger answer. As a bonus, the 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th submission will win a premium each, independent of the contest results.

If you’re picked as one of the lucky winners, you’ll need to redeem your movie tickets (or premium) between 6.30 to 8.30 pm on April 29 at the GSC Signature @ Gardens, Mid Valley – the tickets are only valid for use for the 9 pm slot in Hall 1 of the GSC Signature @ Gardens, and are not usable for any other date, time or location.

So, get cracking if you want to catch Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Captain America and the luscious Natasha Romanoff – in her rather fitting black outfit – with us at the Driven Movie Night.