The Estima is not the only Toyota MPV to be given a minor facelift this year – the popular Toyota Wish also gets updated for 2012, bringing subtle improvements such as better interior textures, trim and materials, better fuel efficiency, and of course the most obvious which is the new front look you see above.

The engine options continue to be the same choice of a 1.8 litre or a 2.0 litre unit as per when this generation of Wish was first launched in 2009. The 2.0 litre model is offered as a 6 seater only, while the 1.8 litre is a 7 seater, and includes the option for 4WD.

The 2.0 litre engine is the Valvematic 3ZR-FAE, producing 152 PS and 193Nm of torque, peaking at a relatively low 3,800rpm. These are slightly different numbers from the 2009 pre-facelift model – the 3ZR-FAE made 158 PS and 196Nm then, which are higher numbers, but the 196Nm peak also came in at a higher 4,400rpm. The engine must have been tuned to be more fuel efficient and output less emissions, while having a smoother torque curve kicking in earlier in the rev band.

The 1.8 litre 2ZR-FAE makes 143 PS and 173Nm at 4,00rpm for the 2WD model, and for the 4WD this is reduced to 130 PS and 161Nm at 4,000rpm. Like the 2.0 litre, these are also lower numbers compared to the outgoing pre-facelift car which made 144 PS/176Nm for the 2WD and 133 PS/164Nm for the 4WD.

The 2.0 litre engine is mated to a Super CVT 7-speed transmission, which has a Dynamic Sport Mode not found in the 1.8 litre model’s CVT transmission, except for the 1.8S 4WD model. Another difference between the 2.0 litre model and the 1.8 litre model is the usage of a double wishbone rear suspension on the 2.0 litre, while the 1.8 litre only has that on the 4WD model – for the 2WD it uses a torsion beam.

UMW Toyota imported the previous generation Toyota Wish into Malaysia for a relatively short period of time, but it chose not to import this latest generation in. We think it’s most likely because of grey importers easily undercutting their pricing as grey importers have no service and warranty commitments.

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