Well, it seems not all is at it seems, at least not with the pricing of the just launched Renault Koleos facelift and the Clio R.S “Ange & Demon.” The price as stated in TC Euro Cars’ PDF press release mentioned that “the Koleos and Clio R.S. “Ange & Demon” will be retailed at RM199,426.80 and RM223,810.70 respectively.”

Turns out the prices were inadvertently flipped – TCE called earlier this morning to say that it’s their bad, and the Clio R.S is the one that’s supposed to be RM199,426, which is just a shade over the Clio R.S 200 Cup’s price of RM199,000.

Thus, the Koleos, which was mentioned in the news story as being cheaper than its predecessor, is not. At RM223,810, this increases the entry fee into the Koleos world by 10k over the original, which was priced at RM213k when introduced. Pricing for both cars are on-the-road, excluding insurance.

The prices have been corrected in the respective stories, which have also been amended to reflect the changes. Sometimes, it pays to check and check again. :)