Usain Bolt is undoubtedly very good at running, but when it comes to driving, well, he might need to hone those skills a bit. Proving that lightning does indeed strike twice in the same type of car, the Jamaican sprinter smashed up his current BMW E92 M3 somewhere in the outskirts of Kingston a few days ago. The car took a fair bit of damage to the front end, but Bolt escaped injury.

The latest mishap is the second time the multiple world record holder has done the dirty with the M3 – in 2009, he put his E92 M3 Coupe into a ditch, where the car proceeded to flip over a few times before landing upside down. In that one, Bolt needed some treatment for minor injuries to his feet.

The triple Olympic gold medalist also happens to like Nissans, or more specifically, the GT-R, and is currently headlining Nissan’s latest global brand campaign. Wonder if he’ll be driving the GT-R a bit more now, until he gets another M3, that is!