Boon Siew Honda recently unveiled what it calls “Malaysia’s first long-distance moped bike”, the Honda Future. According to Boon Siew, their new kapcai is capable of traveling a maximum distance of 338 km on one full tank of petrol (5.6 litres) in the ECE40 Mode, which is best in class, and 100 km more than what the Wave 125 X Ultimo can do.

The Future is powered by a new 125 cc air-cooled engine. The four-stroke SOHC unit has 7.6% better fuel economy compared to the Wave 125, it is claimed. The Future’s rated 60.3 km/l is a 0.5 km/l improvement over the older bike. Quite substantial.

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Other key features include the 19-litre U Box that can fit a full-face helmet, a side battery casing for easy access, push-seat function and automatic key lock shutters. The Future also comes with rear LED lights, a blue-lit speedometer and a fog light.

In line with its role as a “long-distance moped” the Future has a wider seat, and the clear distinction between rider and pillion translates to better long distance comfort. A molded front design that eliminates the use of screws reduces vibration and sounds from the front cover.

Three variants are available. Variant 1 features an electric starter, spoke wheels and front disc brakes, Variant 2 gets sports wheels, electric starter and front disc brakes, while Variant 3 combines the electric starter, sporty wheels and front/rear disc brakes. Choose from Coral Orange Metallic, Pearl Magellanic Black and Euphoria Red Metallic.

Priced from RM5,578 to RM5,998, Boon Siew expects the Future to be as popular as the amazingly evergreen EX-5