Hyundai expects to start a 1,000-unit production run of a fuel cell electric vehicle, possibly the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle you see above.

The ix35 FCEV is a third-generation fuel-cell vehicle from Hyundai, and is equipped with a 100 kW fuel cell stack and two 700 bar hydrogen storage tanks. It can do about 520 km on a full tank of hydrogen, and can hit a top speed of 160 km/h. The range and top speed actually sounds very usable in the real world, with the only issue being where to refuel your car with hydrogen.

That’s why the first 1,000 units will go to government and private fleets, who can afford to install the necessary infrastructure to support refueling on their own. But of course even then it would limit the range of travel to within the radius of a station. Hyundai intends to start mass production of FCEVs for 2015.

Sometime last year we saw the Hyundai Blue2 Concept, Hyundai’s first sedan-style FCEV concept. Will we be seeing that one go into production, or was it just a design study that previews a next generation of cleaner and more mature Hyundai styling after the current flashy edgy fluidic sculpture design?