Something for the techies. Performance sportscar and racecar transmission specialist Xtrac has announced a hybridised automated manual transmission called the 1010 H-AMT.

Developed as an alternative to heavier and more complex dual clutch transmissions (DCTs), the seven-speed unit has a lower total parts count and overall mass when compared to a hybrid DCT. The gearbox weighs 120 kg, while the motor and hybrid components tip the scales at 48 kg, up to 20% lighter than a comparably sized hybridised DCT.

It also offers increased functionality over other single electric motor hybrid systems, and the modular design satisfies a number of sports car driveline architectures including front engine longitudinal powertrain layouts, the company says.

For increased efficiency, the unit offers multiple modes of internal combustion engine and electric motor-generator operation and an overall ratio spread of almost 6:1, which is higher than many other transmissions in this sector.

Operation modes include a pure EV efficiency mode, whereby the electric motor can drive the vehicle with minimal gear meshes, and torque infill to solve the inherent shift refinement weakness of AMTs particularly in urban driving.

Other modes include a power boost for overtaking effectively, deploying the electric motor-generator and battery as an F1 style kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), and there’s also a range extender mode for EV charging on the move, as well as a high performance EV mode, enabling the electric motor to drive through all gear ratios with a decoupled engine.

The prototype ready gearbox – which meets 2020 emission targets – is aimed at premium luxury road cars. It fits the same compact transmission envelope as the company’s 1007 gearbox as supplied to Pagani for its mid-engine Huayra supercar.

The transverse configuration transmission can handle engine torque capacities ranging from 800 to 1,000 Nm, dependent on vehicle gross weight and the particular application.