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We’re sure you would have heard of the Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge by now, a recent three-month long campaign by Petronas that saw selected fans ride alongside celebrities in a “race” that took them across the country.

The four personalities – Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya, Faizal Bin Ismail (FBI) and Hanis Zalikha – and their teammates travelled all over Malaysia to complete fun (and funny) challenges with the locals. That’s where the celebs’ persuasion skills and social media power came into play, as they had to call for help using social media.

At a recent grand finale event in KL, Petronas crowned Faizal FBI and his teammates Afanddy Hushni and Ahmad Izzuddin as the winners of the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge. The funny trio scored the most collective video views and walked away with RM10,000 cash, divided 50:50 between the two team members.

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“I enjoyed myself throughout the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge especially when doing it together with my fans! I would like to thank Petronas Dagangan Berhad for organising this and my fans for all their support!” the popular radio man said. “Remember to Switch for XTRA!” he was quick to add.

Speaking at the event, Akbar Md Thayoob, head of retail business division said: “At Petronas Dagangan Berhad, we emphasise greatly on engaging with our customers and rewarding them for reinforcing Petronas’ position as the brand of first choice.”

“To show our appreciation, we have relentlessly sought out possible avenues to organise rewarding programmes such as the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge to bring our customers and fans closer to us. It is important for us to know that as we grow from strength to strength, our customers and fans benefit similarly from our success,” he added.

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Earlier, a virtual race was organised where fans were called to virtually ‘fuel’ their favourite celebrity racers with Primax 95 XTRA to the finish line. The race was then transferred to the road for participants to experience the benefits of the F1-technology inspired fuel which promises to deliver greater performance and savings.

In addition to the road challenge, the public was also encouraged to participate in the ‘Take the Challenge’ contest where they were required to follow the progress of the challenge, answer a few questions and write a creative slogan. The four selected winners were awarded a RM100 Petronas gift card each.

To recap, here are all the videos from the Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge:

Team Awal : Self Campaign
Team Awal : Teaser
Team Awal : Episode 1
Team Awal : Episode 2

Team Scha : Self Campaign
Team Scha : Teaser
Team Scha : Episode 1
Team Scha : Episode 2

Team FBI : Self Campaign
Team FBI : Teaser
Team FBI : Episode 1
Team FBI : Episode 2

Team Hanis : Self Campaign
Team Hanis : Teaser
Team Hanis : Episode 1
Team Hanis : Episode 2

Here are pics from the grand finale event, courtesy of the Petronas Brands Facebook page, where you can ‘like’ to keep updated on promotions and happenings.