Some say, a picture tells a thousand words. But even a whole set of photos, no matter how beautifully or creatively crafted, pales in comparison next to a well thought out video. This clip, depicting a stripped down Audi R8 V10 plus caught with its pants down on a dyno, is one of those videos.

It’s a remarkably simple yet powerful advertisement for Audi’s top of the line, 550 hp R8 supercar. The entire rear end of the car has been dismantled to show the Lamborghini-developed 5.2 litre V10 engine in full glory, allowing the viewer to enjoy the motor’s blissful roar without any pesky bodywork to hold it back. Call it Audi’s reinterpretation of acoustic, unplugged recording for unadulterated aural pleasure.

That it sounds so good without the exhaust ends attached is something to note. What you hear is all mechanical, not cleverly set-up exhaust sound engineering that’s so widely used in this day and age.