The fantastic looking Pininfarina Sergio concept may see the light of day after all. We’d predicted as much before, saying they’d put it into production pending generous offers from ‘special’ clients. Apparently five or six offers had been generous enough, said company CEO Silvio Angori speaking to AutoNews Europe.

Based on the Ferrari 458, the Sergio will surely have the performance to match its stunning looks. Lighter, faster, more luxurious and exclusive than the donor-car, the roadgoing coachbuilt art on wheels made to honour the late Sergio Pininfarina will be quite special indeed.

It’s not quite road legal as it is right now, but Pininfarina has a pretty good idea of how to make it EU-compliant. The lack of windscreen isn’t the law-breaking issue, as other roadgoing track-day specials have been sold in Europe with similar configurations. Problem is, it would require the driver and passenger to wear helmets.

After paying over €3 million for this baby, we think the owners would want to be seen driving it. Plus, imagine reaching your destination in style, only to suffer from helmet hair for the rest of the occasion. How uncool would that be?