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It may have come about on April 1, but doesn’t sound like a prank – a report indicates that Hyundai is mulling over introducing a pickup in the United States. Automotive News says that the Korean automaker is studying the option, as well as what size truck would serve it best if it were to come up with one.

Lee In-cheol, Hyundai’s head of international sales was said that the company wasn’t rushing the process. “A pickup truck is important, but it’s not a big priority for our company. But we have to consider how to respond. It is under study,” he told AN. “Is it a big-size pickup truck like in the United States or a small kind of pickup truck? We don’t know yet which market would be the first,” he added.

Hyundai and its sister company Kia doesn’t have a pickup in its stable, and it has previously said it had no plans to introduce one, but in light of dealers in the US and other countries clamouring for one, it’s now considering coming up with such an option. No timeline for a decision was offered.

A few years ago, Hyundai and Kia were toying with the idea of a unibody, front-wheel-drive mid-sized pickup, but that never came to be, with the advent of the global economic crisis. In any case, if the company is aiming to introduce a pickup in the States, it may decide to wait until the 25% tariff on imported light-duty trucks and vans set by the US half a century ago is finally phased out by 2021.