Say hello to the Kia Horki, Dongfeng Yueda Kia’s new sub-brand for the Chinese market. The new name was unveiled in Shanghai, with a Horki-1 concept based on the Forte being showcased at its show stand.

The Horki name is derived from a combination of two Chinese characters, “Hor” signifying China and “Ki,” for driving – together the word suggests harmony and driving, the company says. The first products are set to make their first appearance on the Chinese market during the second half of 2015, with production slated at one of the JV’s three Yancheng factories.

The introduction of the brand will allow Kia and its JV to follow a dual brand strategy, with clear distinction between Kia and Horki products, with those from the latter set to focus on practicality and cost, with the aim of better meeting the specific needs of Chinese customers.

As for the Horki-1 concept, the company says that there’s no decision on series production as yet. All it says is that the Horki product portfolio will eventually consist of a range of vehicles, including an alternative powered one, and with 2015 some ways away, this one might well just be a pathfinder.