The Shell D-Academy: Extreme Edition contest has come to a close after a 3-week long stint. The contest, which is in its second year will see winners receive invites to an exclusive defensive driving event and win other prizes including a 1 year supply of Shell Helix Ultra and special Shell Ferrari caps.

During the contest, participants simply had to watch selected videos from the Shell Driven to Extreme TV programme and answer questions based on these videos, fronted by former Formula 1 driver Mika Salo and Academy Award-winning actor Adrien Brody.

A total of 23 lucky names have been picked and you can check out the full list after the jump. We would like to congratulate the winners and for those who didn’t make it, there is always next time!

Luke Gunaseelan 841016-14-XXXX
Alan Foo Yaw Rhen 831231-14-XXXX
Ong Wu Zhuan 860525-38-XXXX
Tan Yik Han 871224-14-XXXX
Mohamad Fauzi Ali 771109-02-XXXX
Zafri Aiman bin Zulkifly 880820-56-XXXX
Chan Chee Kong 590227-08-XXXX
Ong Le Sean 801109-14-XXXX
Chek Kin Yew 880412-08-XXXX
Au Wai Yip 830516-14-XXXX
Koh Yee King 660809-08-XXXX
Ahmad Zofar Bin Ismail 820113-11-XXXX
Chai Yan Pin 860305-56-XXXX
Ashish Dipak Chillamuthu 790716-14-XXXX
Mazlan Awang 721221-11-XXXX
Surantiran Nadaraja 851018-14-XXXX
Noor Syaiful Azlan Bin Abd Majid 860826-56-XXXX
Liew Chin Hoo 680610-10-XXXX
Rusaidi Iskandar Bin Amiruddin 810807-08-XXXX
Ng Tat Wei 890627-14-XXXX
Mohamad Afif 880108-08-XXXX
Lau Li Kung 870519-52-XXXX
Ahmad Syahrin Bin Hj Mohd Idris 790604-10-XXXX

* All winners will be contacted via phone for further instructions.