Adrien Brody and Mika Salo with the specially customised Nissan Patrol

Following the first two episodes of the new three-part television series, Shell Helix Driven to Extremes, the TV series has arrived in the unforgivingly wet tropical jungles of southern Malaysia.

After the freezing conditions of Siberia and the searing heat of China’s Taklamakan ‘Desert of Death’, the challenge of the Malaysian jungle now awaits the Shell Helix Driven to Extremes crew in the finale of the three part series produced in collaboration with Discovery Networks.

Over three days from December 17 to 19 2012, ex-Formula One driver Mika Salo of Finland and Oscar-winning American actor, Adrien Brody, will take on one of the toughest roads on earth in the form of the Ulu Sedili jungle trail in Johor.

The two units of Shell Helix powered Nissan Patrol that have conquered the Siberian cold, Chinese desert heat and now the wet and humid Malaysian jungle

Driving a specially-modified Nissan Patrol filled with Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic motor oil, the drivers are expected to conquer slippery and muddy trails full of ruts and gullies, fallen trees, swollen rivers and a host of other obstacles in the middle of an unusually wet rainy season before reaching Kampung Peta at the fringe of the Endau Rompin National Park.

Shell, the world’s leading lubricants company for the sixth consecutive year, commissioned with Discovery Networks, Shell Helix Driven to Extremes to put its premium motor oil, Shell Helix Ultra, to the ultimate test in some of the coldest, hottest and roughest locations on earth.

The numbing -56ºC Siberian cold, blistering +50ºC heat of China’s Taklamakan Desert and the punishing terrain, wetness and humidity of the Malaysian jungles all provide extreme tests of Shell Helix Ultra’s all-weather engine protection capabilities.

Demonstrating the Nissan Patrol's engine's load pulling capabilities with a log

The first episode of Shell Helix Driven to Extremes sees the crew travel from the coldest city in the world, Yakutsk, along the Kolyma Highway, also known as the ‘Road of Bones’, to one of the coldest inhabited places on earth, Oymyakon, where the temperature reached –56°C.

In the second episode, the crew journey through the sub-Saharan temperatures of Western China’s ‘Desert of Death’.

Their journey takes them from Hami City in China to the city of Urumqi, the farthest city from any ocean in the world. To get there, they are forced to drive across one of the hottest and lowest places on earth, negotiating 100 foot sand dunes, vast rocky plains and blistering +50°C heat.

The three-episode Shell Helix Driven to Extremes is airing in 19 markets on the Discovery Channel this year. You will also be able to log on to the Shell Helix Driven to Extremes YouTube channel to find exclusive behind-the-scenes content from all three episodes.