Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Last week we showed you patent filings of what was thought to be the coupe version of the Jaguar F-Type; a Jaguar spokesman has since told Autocar UK that they were from 2011, depicting the C-X16 concept instead.

But the 2011 Frankfurt show debutant is meant to strongly preview the production F-Type Coupe, and now with these spyshots from our European spies, you can be the judge of how much has been carried over in terms of looks.

Getting these shots weren’t easy – according to CarPix, owing to the many security guys in the area, the photographer had to hide in the boot of his SUV and shoot through its tinted windows!

Expected to surface next year, the Jaguar F-Type Coupe could be powered by the same engines as its drop-top sister, i.e. a V6 with two power outputs and one V8, all supercharged. It has also been reported that hot R and R-S variants of the Jaguar F-Type are likely to happen, although when these will arrive is still unknown.