Proton Preve Hatchback

We’ve seen a number of spyshots of the upcoming Proton Preve Hatchback in the past few months – in March, April and May – all of course with the front and back of the test mules clad in the usual fashion.

There’s a leaked photo that’s been going on the Net showing the car’s rear, likely snapped during an internal showing – based on that, rendering wiz Theophilus Chin decided to come up with this one.

He explains that this looks more like a sketch than a rendering, “not my usual standard or quality” being his words. He explains that he couldn’t find parts to paste onto the Preve sedan, so he had to air-brush most of the rear diffuser and tail lights on in coming up with the Preve Hatchback render.

Nonetheless, it gives us a view of what to expect when the final product eventually breaks cover, and you can compare it with his original renderings of the car here.