Audi R8 GT 3

What you see here is what will soon become the ultimate R8. The Audi R8 GT variant was left out of the mid-engined sports car’s timely mid-life facelift last year, with the top 550 hp R8 V10 plus taking over the mantle of the quickest R8 on sale. That will soon change with the return of the one true R8 King, in updated form.

First, a quick recap: the original Audi R8 GT was introduced in 2010, four long years after Audi revealed the base R8 to the world. Its engine was tuned to give out 560 hp and 540 Nm, 35 hp and 10 Nm more than the V10 model. It weighed 100 kg lighter and sported various aerodynamic add-ons. Think of it as an Audi R8 Superleggera.

The updated version snapped by our European photographers CarPix clearly wears unique GT bits – the front chin splitter and corner winglets are neatly adapted into the facelifted R8’s front bumper. Don’t mind the character-less rear wing and wheels; they’re most likely simple substitutes simulating the effects of new lightweight designs that have not been signed off yet.

Its final power output will be closer to 600 hp, and it’ll use a dual-clutch S tronic ‘box in place of the old R tronic tranny. The original model’s production run was limited – only 333 GT Coupe and 333 GT Spyder were made. Expect the new Audi R8 GT facelift to be just as exclusive, if not even more so.