We finally see the BMW X4 on test on public roads. The lack of X4 being sighted anywhere before the Concept X4 was unveiled at Shanghai 2013 was pretty odd indeed, as usually we’ll see the prototypes filling the road first before such a production-looking concept is showcased at a motor show.

And when the X4 finally hits the road, it isn’t even disguised much, revealing a lot of sheet metal. The alloy wheels mounted on the prototype isn’t painted black either, so we can see the spoke pattern clearly, a toned down version of what was on the Concept X4. I guess the Concept X4 already gives us an idea of how the X4 would look like so BMW doesn’t really have much to hide.

A peek into the half-exposed headlamps of this prototype shows projector headlamps instead of the Concept X4’s LED units, but LED headlamps might be a cost option when the X4 goes on sale.