petronas-120With every festive season in Malaysia, you can be sure that our national oil company PETRONAS will release an interesting story for us to watch. For Aidil Fitri 2013, PETRONAS has come up with an eight-minute web film titled Jahit, which started airing on July 26.

Jahit tells the story of single mother Aishah, who owns a small tailor shop. She has a teenage daughter named Awin. Despite their circumstances, both mother and her daughter take on life’s challenges in their stride, embracing them as both tests and blessings that drive them to strive harder for a better life.

The underlying message is “Kudrat membawa berkat,” which emphasises on the importance of diligence, perseverance and making sacrifices in embracing life’s challenges, with the belief that sincere hard work will pay off. You will find the eight-minute web film embedded above.