Here’s an opportunity at a comparison look between the short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase versions of the upcoming front-wheel drive car that we’re at the moment referring to as the BMW 1-Series GT.

The car on the top is the short-wheelbase 1-Series GT, while the long-wheelbase version is a car that spy photographers are referring to as the “CAT,” or Compact Activity Tourer. As you can see, the long-wheelbase BMW CAT has longer rear doors as well as a taller and slightly differently-shaped roof line, but both cars share a similar front end. The tailgate of the short-wheelbase model is also more sloped compared to the more upright tailgate of the long-wheelbase car.

These cars have been previewed in the form of the BMW Concept Active Tourer and BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor. The BMW Concept Active Tourer is about the same size as a Mercedes-Benz B-Class, at 4,350 mm long, 1,834 mm wide and 1,560 mm tall.