Citroen DS3 hot hatch coming to Malaysia this year

It looks like Naza Euro Motors are planning to expand their Citroen line-up here in Malaysia down-segment, with a Citroen sales advisor announcing today on his Facebook fan page the impending arrival of the B-segment Citroen DS3 in Malaysia. The DS3’s arrival will complete the DS range in Malaysia.

Citroen SA Fadhil Zhafri calls the DS3 a ‘hot hatch’, which implies a high powered version, with probably a lot in common with the upcoming Peugeot 208 GTi. Citroen has a THP 155 with a six-speed manual in the line-up (155 hp, 240 Nm), as well as a more powerful DS3 Racing with a THP 207 engine (202 hp, 275 Nm, six-speed manual setup similiar to the 208 GTI).

The impending arrival of the DS3 was also hinted earlier this year by Naza Automotive Manufacturing COO Roslan Abdul Ghani, and he mentioned a launch date before the end of the year. The 208 GTI will also probably be here soon, since we’ve already seen it at JPJ, a potentially CKD unit no less!