2 cabrio theo front
Now that the BMW 2 Series Coupe has been revealed, no prizes for guessing that a 2 Series Convertible is next up for Munich. Both the Coupe and Convertible were part of the 1 Series family in the previous generation, but BMW is now trying to cover all digits from one to ten – we’ve also seen the ‘new 3 Series Coupe’ badged as 4 Series.

Compared with the old 1 Series Coupe, the 2 Series Coupe is 7 cm longer, nearly 3 cm wider and has a 3 cm longer wheelbase. The 2 Series Convertible should follow the same route, and carry the same front end design as the Coupe, as predicted by Theophilus Chin in his renderings here. It’s a much more agreeable face than the F20 1 Series hatch’s, and we’re sure all will agree on that.

It shouldn’t be long now before the drop-top 2 Series breaks cover – we’ve already seen the car undergoing testing.