The Lexus LF-NX concept, which premiered in Frankfurt in hybrid guise, will again be at the forefront of things in Tokyo later this month – the preview form of the upcoming NX crossover will debut a newly-developed 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, the anticipated Toyota force-fed mill.

Essentially, the unit will get its market introduction in the NX when that arrives, as a NX 200t model. The automaker hasn’t disclosed details or performance numbers for the lump, so it’ll probably have to wait till the show or closer to it to see what’s on offer. As for the LF-NX that’s Tokyo-bound, the turbo concept features a front under-spoiler to give it, as the company puts it, a sportier look.

Back to the turbo unit – don’t be expecting to see too much of it in Toyota-based applications. As previously reported, Toyota’s engine and powertrain guru Koei Saga said that its availability within the Toyota range will be limited.

Saga was quoted as saying that he’s unconvinced that turbocharging is a technology that “makes the world better,” and so, the primary route that’ll be taken by the company is of the larger displacement, non-turbo path, utilising larger displacement units running on the Atkinson cycle, as found in the automaker’s current hybrid powertrains. Still, the advent of the new 2.0 turbo should provide some cheer to those who think small but powerful is the way to go.