Ford Edge Concept

This Ford Edge Concept previews the Blue Oval’s upcoming flagship SUV for Europe, which will slot in above its current line-up of EcoSport compact crossover and Kuga midi-SUV. The latter is already available here, and soon, so will the former. There’s a good chance, then, that we will see this Edge in Malaysia too.

When it goes into production, possibly by next year, the Edge will replace the current model that’s already sold in North America. But while the first-gen is an American-designed model, this one will be a part of Ford’s global models. It’s already rumoured to use a development of the new Mondeo/Fusion platform.

The exterior is as functionally advanced as it is to look at. The front fascia is angled backwards for aerodynamic purposes, and the grille features a new take on Ford’s Active Grille Shutters to maintain ideal engine temperatures while maximising aerodynamic efficiency. BMW-style air curtains are also integrated into the front bumper.

Ford Edge Concept

Inside, the cabin looks very much like all recent Ford interiors, albeit with a more concept car sheen applied. The 10-inch centre touchscreen display holds all the Ford SYNC and Voice Control functions, plus there’s a refreshing amount of mechanical buttons in the lower half of the dashboard.

The main highlight of this concept, however, is less about what you can see, but more towards what it can do. The host of driver-assist technologies fitted on this car includes Fully Assisted Parking Aid, which is a step up from Ford Focus‘ Active Park Assist – this one can remotely pull out of a tight parking space before you get into it.

Then there are the Obstacle Avoidance systems, which issue warnings if it detects obstacles in the lane ahead and – should the driver fail to react accordingly – the system automatically steers and brakes the vehicle to avoid a collision. The future sure sounds good, doesn’t it?