Bentley_Continental_GT_Speed_ 020

Premium marques such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and even Porsche market large capacity diesel engines on their luxo-barges, and soon, so will ultra-luxury brand Bentley. That’s according to Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn himself, no less.

“Diesel for Bentley is decided. It won’t be a V10. But the V10 is not dead within the VW Group; there will be a successor,” the top brass told Autocar UK. So that leaves either a high-powered diesel V8 or V12 for the Flying B.

With the Bentley SUV project already a go for a 2016 launch, apparently powered by a circa-600 hp V12 petrol engine, a diesel variant is probably more of a necessity than anything else to achieve anywhere near a respectable efficiency average.

No word yet on which Bentley model will receive the diesel job first, but for the reason above, the upcoming SUV seems to be the likeliest candidate. Other Bentleys that could soon be flying on diesel include the Flying Spur luxury limo and Continental GT coupe.