Malaysian vehicles with excessive smoke levels will soon be barred from entering Singapore, according to a report from The Star. Initially scheduled to take effect at the start of the year, Singaporean authorities have now decided to delay the implementation of the new rule to July 1, 2014.

The neighbouring country’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has lowered the permissible level of black smoke emitted from a vehicle from the previous 50 HSU (Hartridge Smoke Units) to 40 HSU. As such, private and commercial vehicles that fall foul of the new ruling will be denied entry into the republic.

On top of that, hefty fines will also be issued to the perpetrators: S$150 (RM394) for first time offenders, rising to S$200 (RM525) and S$300 (RM787) for each subsequent violations. This new ruling would mostly affect ageing lorries and buses, but owners of older, smoky diesel vehicles should also be wary.

Future BMW M3 and M4 owners, equipped with the self-explanatory Smoky Burnout function, however, need not apply as only exhaust smoke will be measured :)