A second sketch of the Geneva-bound Mazda Hazumi concept – showing the car in full, this time – has emerged on the Internet. This offers us the best look yet at how the next-generation 2015 Mazda2 will be. It appears that the small hatchback wears the Kodo design language rather well, doesn’t it?

Before you say “it’s just a concept; the real thing will look nothing like it,” think again. Mazda is no Subaru, and Hiroshima’s last two concepts, the Minagi and Takeri, really did preview their corresponding production models, the CX-5 and Mazda6 respectively, rather closely. History is definitely on Mazda’s side, this time.

Little else is known about the upcoming baby Mazda, but rumours are abound that it will ditch its current Ford-based platform (which is shared with the Fiesta) for the company’s own modular architecture. As for the current Mazda2, it will carry on in the North American market, but with a Toyota badge up front. Yes, really.