The mechanic’s fairy tales. Whether we’re aware of it at the time or not, we’ve all gone through it at some point. Watch the video above. The scene looks familiar to you, doesn’t it? After all, unless you’re mechanically-inclinded, you wouldn’t be fully aware if the mechanic is pulling your leg by throwing complicated jargons about.

The point of the story is, when it comes to car maintenance, just leave it to the experts. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean sending your vehicles to authorised dealers or official service centres, but honest, legitimate independent workshops can do the job just as well, without the exorbitant prices or headaches.

Together with, Carama by Castrol conducted a survey to understand customer concerns in the area of car maintenance, the results of which will be used to improve the quality of service and repair in Malaysia, and ultimately uplift the standard of independent workshops in the country.


Here’s the kicker: based on the 1,615 submissions, 77% of Malaysian drivers are dissatisfied with quality of repair. That’s precisely where Carama comes in.

Carama’s community–driven system of Carama Workshops take guesswork out of the equation. You can select workshops based on what others say about the quality of service and repair. Carama Certified Shop goes a step beyond, as each certified shop has been accredited by a team of experts ensuring the highest standards of service, skills, transparency, customer service, health and safety compliance.

To provide you the ultimate assurance, all Carama workshops provide three months/5,000km warranty for added peace of mind. Free drop off service and fair price assurance is also guaranteed when you make your booking online at For more workshop recommendations and car care/safety tips, follow Carama’s Facebook page.