As you may already know, Nissan is expected to uncover a concept in Beijing later in the month, and it’s set to be a sedan version of Auto Shanghai 2013‘s Friend-ME concept.

Having let loose a first teaser a month ago, the Japanese carmaker now teases the vehicle’s head and tail lamps. Like the Friend-ME’s headlamps, there’s a distinct C-shaped signature, but only one main bulb, as opposed to the Friend-ME’s three little ones, per side. Tail lamps are pretty striking, too.

The concept apparently “overflows with Chinese DNA, the most ever seen among Nissan’s creations.” Its name, which will be announced by chief planning officer and executive veep Andy Palmer on April 20, will “follow the Chinese product naming scheme and honour Nissan’s global heritage of innovation and excitement.”

Nissan is also set to bring the Smart Rearview MirrorTeana 10th Anniversary Special Edition, X-TrailNV200 Xtronic, BladeGlider concept and Autonomous Drive car to the show.

Nissan Friend-ME concept at Auto Shanghai 2013