Nissan will come to the Vision Gran Turismo party with what could be the most outlandish concept ever to grace the virtual showrooms of Gran Turismo 6 – the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo.

Imagined by a team of young designers at Nissan Design Europe in London with the help of an advanced engineering team based at Nissan Technical Centre in Atsugi, Japan, the Concept 2020 is said to “give hints as to how a supercar of the future might look”, and while Nissan has not yet admitted to it, there are some elements of the GT-R in its design.

These include the large trapezoidal grille (now with a V-motion bar around the Nissan badge), thin vertical headlights, twin bonnet vents, wraparound windscreen design, sweeping front fender scoops (this time “floating” separately from the body), the large rear spoiler and the obligatory quad round tail lights.

This is interspersed a low-slung glasshouse and a variety of swooshes and extreme surfacing and detailing that give the Concept 2020 a level of drama the current GT-R could never muster. Check out the side exhaust outlets ahead of the doors, the deep cuts into the flanks, the lines starting from the V-motion grille that stretch across the sides of the car to meet the angular rear wheel arches, as well as the enormous rear diffuser.

What do you think? Could this actually be a preview of what the R36 GT-R could look like? If so, is this what the GT-R needs to finally bring its game to the big boys of the supercar market like Ferrari and Lamborghini? We’ll find out in the coming years, but first, you’ll be able to drive the Concept 2020 when it reaches Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation 3 in July.