Honda NSX 02

It looks like engineers are hard at work on perfecting the 2015 Honda NSX, as our European spies caught the second coming of the Japanese supercar being driven hard around the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

From the outside, the camouflaged prototype appears to be pretty similar to the concepts wheeled out in Detroit 2012 and 2013. There are reprofiled front air intakes, new vents behind the front wheels, larger side scoops and a centrally-mounted exhaust outlet, but apart from that, much remains the same.

Honda NSX 10

We also have a shot of the interior, which features a large hood covering what looks like a central LCD display. This differs from the concept interior shown last year, although since the prototype’s upper dashboard looks identical to that of the Acura RLX, the design may not be final.

The new NSX will make use of a Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) three-motor high-performance hybrid system, with a mid-mounted direct-injected VTEC V6 mated to an electric motor and a dual clutch transmission. This combination drives the rear wheels; meanwhile, another pair of electric motors drive the front wheels and can provide instant positive or negative torque during cornering.

Honda NSX 9

Honda will build the NSX next year at its new US$70 million (RM222 million) Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, and the car is expected be fully revealed before the end of the year. The NSX is but one of the Japanese performance icons due to be reborn – a Toyota Supra reboot is also expected to be on the cards if the recent FT-1 concept is any indication, so it’s good times ahead for fans of Japanese muscle.

Indeed, the NSX prototype spotted on the Nürburgring appears to have been chasing a fourth-generation Supra at one point! Nothing like a bit of cross-country rivalry, eh?