The upcoming Perodua Axia has received around 3,500 bookings since the order books opened up till this morning, Perodua president and CEO Datuk Aminar Rashid has revealed to the media, adding that the car will be launched tentatively sometime next month.

Of the 3,500 bookings, Aminar said the base variant (Standard E) accounted for around 13% and the middle variant (Standard G) made up 60-70%, with the range-topping variants (SE and Advance) making up the remainder. View the full spec breakdown and more info.

The P2 boss reiterated that the Axia is not a replacement for the Viva, being a “completely new model.”

“We will continue producing the Viva as long as there is demand for it. At the moment we are still exporting the Viva,” he said, adding that the variant that would most likely continue production for now is the 850.

lagi axia 1

As such, the 660 and 1.0 litre variants are expected to cease production at Perodua’s existing Sungai Choh, Rawang plant (not the new Perodua Global Manufacturing plant, which is where the Axia is built).

The PGM plant, located adjacent to the existing plant, is Malaysia’s first certified Energy Efficient Vehicle manufacturing facility, Perodua says.

Aminar also revealed that component-wise, the Axia is made up of 95% local content, with the remainder sourced from Japan and Indonesia.

Perodua aims to sell 30,000 units of the Axia this year alone. Assuming that deliveries will start right after its launch in September, that’s a sales target of around 10,000 units per month.