The Skoda Superb isn’t Skoda’s best seller, only making up 10% of its global sales volume, but it’s still an important car to act as a halo. Think of it as Skoda’s very own Volkswagen Phaeton, but scaled down suitably for Skoda’s brand positioning.

The company is about to unveil the third generation Superb to the world at next year’s Geneva Motor Show in mid-February. Like the new Passat, it’s built on the new MQB platform. The new Passat itself has taken things upmarket with its BMW 3 Series-beating ambitions, and Skoda is following suit. It will offer even more interior space than the Passat, as it is set to be the longest wheelbase sedan built on the MQB platform.

The Superb was on sale in Malaysia for just over the RM200k mark when Berjaya’s Skoda division was still active. It had a 160 PS, 250 Nm 1.8 litre TFSI engine paired to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, and offered plenty of legroom in the rear quarters thanks to its extended wheelbase. Access to the luggage area was unique – it technically had a rear hatch, but you can open just the boot lid portion – and this was offered way before the BMW 5 Series GT.

Check out these spy photos of the new Skoda Superb below. The single front three quarter sketch of the car looks promising in terms of looks, but we can’t wait to see what Skoda’s idea of ‘upmarket’ is when it comes to the interior.