The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has said that 20 of the 50 vehicles under eight companies using the ride-sharing app Uber do not have the necessary permits, The Star reports.

“As Uber is a relatively new application in Malaysia, SPAD feels the companies should be given explanations on the rules and regulations the operators should abide by. Although the use of the Uber app is not against the law, the use of the vehicles with appropriate licences is required,” the commission said in a statement. Exactly what permits and licences the vehicles in question do not possess were not disclosed.

The Uber-SPAD strife seemed to have arrived at a resolution earlier this month, when the commission said it would not ban or suspend Uber’s operations as long as the relevant public transport laws were complied with.


Under the Land Public Transport Act 2010 and Road Transport Act 1987, vehicles registered under the hire-and-drive category are not allowed to be used for taxi or limousine services, and drivers without a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence are not permitted to offer such services.

In a recent “gentle reminder” to Uber-Volkswagen Malaysia’s celebrity charity drive, SPAD said that “any vehicle used as taxis which collect fares from the public, must be in accordance of the law as stipulated in the Land Public Transport Act, 2010. This means that the drivers must have the required Public Service License (PSV) and the vehicles must be registered with SPAD with proper insurance coverage for the protection of fare paying passengers.”