UMW Toyota has updated its prices with GST on its website. All models and variants see price reductions of between RM29 and RM5,376 (on-the-road without insurance prices listed below).

The popular Vios models see very minimal reductions, as you can see in the table below. Only the 1.5 J AT variant gets a three digit reduction – RM299 less than before.

Toyota GST pricelist Sheet1 copy

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Other models and variants receive more significant changes. The Corolla Altis enjoys price drops between RM2,099 and RM2,483, while the Hilux is RM704-986 cheaper. The Previa is over RM3,940 cheaper, and the Alphard is RM4,864-5,376 cheaper.

The Camry is not in the list, because the 2015 model is set to be launched tomorrow (April 2). We’ll know the Camry’s GST prices then.