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Volkswagen Malaysia has updated its prices with GST – all models and variants maintain their nett selling prices (excluding OTR and insurance costs), inclusive of GST.

However, for all locally-assembled (CKD) models, you’d have to fork out RM18 more (due to a 6% GST on handling and number plate fees) and RM27 more for all fully-imported (CBU) models (due to a 6% GST on inspection, handling and number plate fees). Then there’s insurance, which is of course subject to its own 6% GST.


For instance, where you’d previously pay RM90,628 for a CKD Polo 1.6 Hatch, OTR without insurance, you’ll now pay RM90,646. In the case of the CBU Golf TSI, it’s RM164,635 now, versus RM164,608 before.

Volkswagen Malaysia last revamped its prices in January, when the prices of all models and variants, except for the Tiguan, were upped.