Infiniti Q50S Hybrid 33

Latest to reveal its post-GST price list is Infiniti. As you can see in the table below, all models see a moderate reduction in price (all on-the-road without insurance), but the percentage change is minimal, to say the least.

The only model to have a somewhat significant price drop is the Q50S Hybrid, which is now priced at RM390,374.96, down RM8,425.04 (or 2.11%) from pre-GST days. The rest of the Q50 range gets reductions of between RM2040.06 (2.0t GT) and RM2,912.79 (2.0t GT Premium).

Infiniti GST price list

Launched just last month, the massive QX80 SUV with its 405 hp/560 Nm 5.6 litre V8 engine gets a price revision too – from RM799,000 to RM797,837.39. That’s a grand change of 0.15%.

Missing from the price list are the Q70 and QX50 models. Facelift versions of the sedan and SUV have been released in other markets, so perhaps Infiniti Malaysia is waiting for them to arrive here before announcing their GST prices.