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We wrap up our Auto Shanghai coverage a little differently this year. You were expecting a gargantuan gallery of barely-clad beauties? Well, this time, the organisers decided against having models at the show, so instead, we’ll furnish you with a collection of curious and amusing machinery that was on display.

Most of you are no strangers to wheeled oddities from the Middle Kingdom, of which there certainly was no shortage at Auto Shanghai 2015. Dongfeng showed a massive Hummer H1-like monster with an open rear deck, and the Dongfeng Fengdu MX6, a vehicle very clearly based on the second-gen Nissan X-Trail. In a corner stood the Dongfeng Fengguang 360, a compact MPV with a very, ahem, Wolfsburg-inspired face.

Landwind’s infamous and near-perfect Range Rover Evoque copy, the X7, stood unabashed at the front of the stand – Jaguar Land Rover initially wanted to take legal action, but according to reports, the company may have no recourse to do so in China. Brilliance had a brilliant Jinbei van on its stand with the biggest nostrils in the world – well, the company is after all BMW’s joint-venture partner.

Everything is of significant proportions in China, but at Auto Shanghai 2015, perhaps none the more so than this Foton Tunland monster truck, replete with snorkel and floodlights. The photo shows the immense size of that thing – those tyres are almost as tall as the woman standing next to it!

On the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC) stand stood the D20, bearing more than a striking resemblance to the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, especially in the side profile. BAIC has a Chinese joint-venture with Mercedes-Benz called Beijing Benz. FAW Besturn had an “A-Class” on display – although clearly not an A-Class as we know it.

Besides its rather-handsome Qin plug-in hybrid sedan, BYD Auto also had some interesting facsimiles on its stand, including the Yuan and Tang. Both are pretty strikingly-styled SUVs, although the Yuan does remind one of the Ford EcoSport (down to the outside spare wheel and secret tail lamp-integrated tailgate handle!) and the Tang, when viewed side on, gives off slight Toyota Harrier overtones.

Of course, a trip to a Chinese motor show arguably wouldn’t be complete without visiting Hongqi – the first Chinese passenger car marque. Synonymous off-and-on with China’s high-ranking officials and elite, the luxury carmaker displayed the rather non-descript and angular LS5 SUV, as well as the imposing L5 limousine.

We have loads of pics for you down below – check them out and see if anything else seems vaguely familiar to you…

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