Mercedes A-Class Facelift 5

The second car in Mercedes-Benz’s MFA family of cars to receive a mid-life facelift will be the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. As expected, a lot of the changes that will appear in the facelift A-Class have already been shown when the B-Class got its facelift.

Our Europrean spy photographers managed to take a peek into the interiors of one of the facelift A-Class prototypes running around. These spyshots show a new steering wheel design as well as a colour (pre-facelift was monochrome) multi-info display in the instrument cluster, similiar to that in the B-Class facelift.

Mercedes A-Class Facelift 7

The centre dash area also features a new layout with a flat button design. Everything else looks similiar to the pre-facelift car. If things are consistent with the B-Class, there should be a new eight-inch COMAND screen option as well. The largest COMAND screen offered in Malaysia is seven-inch in the A 45 AMG. The A 200 and A 250 variants make do with 5.8-inch Audio 20 screens.

Since the facelifted B 200 and B 250 did not get any changes in engine output, we don’t think the facelift A 200 and A 250 will get any power upgrades either.

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